Welcome to Grandpa Chen’s – The Heart of Your Home Kitchen

In the bustling heart of Springvale lies a store that's more than just a business; it's a legacy. Established in 2001 as Bargain Paradise, the past years, especially the reflective times during the Covid-19 pandemic, have reshaped our vision. We emerged anew in October 2021, with a name that encapsulates both our heritage and our mission – Grandpa Chen's.

At Grandpa Chen's, we believe that the kitchen is where the heart truly comes to life. It's where families gather, where recipes are not just followed but created, and where laughter and conversation simmer together with the stew. Our meticulously chosen range of kitchenware and utensils comes from the hands of local suppliers and the esteemed crafters of China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. These pieces are not just tools, but inspirations for your culinary journeys, helping you to create cherished moments and rich flavors around your family table.

But Grandpa Chen's is about more than just top-of-the-line pots and precision knives. Our selection of homeware products is designed to infuse your living spaces with ease and order. 

Behind the Grandpa Chen’s story is a husband and wife team, Kevin and Erika, who run this store with passion and a touch of family pride. For us, this is not just a business; it's a reflection of our values, a place where we connect with our customers and share in the stories that make each family unique.

So step in, feel the warmth, and become part of a story that goes beyond commerce. At Grandpa Chen's, you're not just shopping; you're continuing the narrative of love, family, and the timeless art of cooking.

Welcome to our family.